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About Us

CAL-ALHFA was established in 1989 to represent local housing professionals and agencies in the California State legislature and State housing programs. In conjunction with our national counterpart, NALHFA, we have also worked on housing issues at the federal level. CAL-ALHFA is a non-profit organization with a broad based membership including public and private agencies which develop, finance, and administer programs to create affordable housing in California.
The California Association of Local Mortgage Issuers is an independent affiliate of CAL-ALHFA whose members specialize in affordable homeownership opportunities. Formed in 1993 and formally affiliated with CAL-ALHFA in 1997, CALMI is a strong supporter of local mortgage revenue bond and MCC programs.
Members of both organizations benefit from the following member services:
  • Legislative Advocacy. Sponsoring, supporting (or opposing), and tracking housing legislation including bond financing, program development and administration, relocation, redevelopment, and land use law.
  • Program Advocacy. Tracking program developments in the CHFA, HCD, Tax Credit Program, and Debt Limit Allocation Program. Assisting in the development of program policies and procedures. Member of numerous task forces and special advisory groups.
  • Education. Sponsoring conferences and workshops as needed to provide information on new developments in the field of affordable housing. Two major conferences are the Spring Legislative Conference and the jointly sponsored California Redevelopment Agency/CAL-ALHFA Fall Educational Conference.
  • Newsletters and Legislative Alerts. Preparing and distributing quarterly newsletter and as-needed legislative alerts to inform members of current activities.
  • Individual Member Services. Providing advocacy and advice on district or agency matters as requested.
  • Professional Networking. Providing a forum for industry leaders to share ideas, information, and expertise with their colleagues.