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About Us

Founded in 1991, CAL-ALHFA has served local housing agencies and professionals in California for over 32 years. We provide legislative advocacy, educational conferences and workshops, and professional networking opportunities for local housing finance agencies and their colleagues. Our membership includes local housing finance agencies and planning departments, for-profit and non-profit developers, investors, lenders, consultants, and affordable housing advocates.

CAL-ALHFA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and preservation of all types of affordable housing, with an emphasis on working with smaller local agencies who often lack the personnel and resources to meet their affordable housing goals.

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Member Services

Legislative Advocacy.
Tracking legislation, primarily at the state level, on topics including single family housing development; multifamily financing and development; monitoring and compliance; and housing element, environmental and land use law.

Program Advocacy.
Tracking program developments at CalHFA, State Department of Housing, Tax Credit Allocation Committee and the Debt Limit Allocation Committee. Participating in the development of rules and regulations which govern these state programs.

Educational Opportunities.
Serving as a bridge between state and local agencies by providing affordable training and information sharing that helps both the state and local agencies manage the inevitable conflict between state mandates and local control.

Preparing and distributing regular newsletters and special legislative alerts as programs and policies affecting affordable housing develop.

Individual Member Services.
Providing advocacy and advice on local or agency matters as requested.

Single Family Symposium.
One of the few places where single family advocates can gather and share their programs. The underlying goal of the Symposium is to help underserved communities build wealth and increase social equity through single family homeownership. (Held consecutively with the Annual Meeting)

CAL-ALHFA Annual Meeting.

Addresses affordable multifamily development with a comprehensive review of new state housing legislation and state program performance. State legislators and staff from key committees outline their achievements and plans for the future. State program officials and staff also share program activities and plans. (Held consecutively with the Single Family Symposium.)